Josh F.

In 2012 Mr. Scanlon was referred to me by a friend. He represented me involving a motorcycle accident that I was in. I had gotten pretty banged up. He fought for me every step of the way until I received fair compensation and all of my medical bills were paid off. He was kind, thorough and very communicative during the process.

In 2014 I called Mr. Scanlon to see if he knew a good business attorney he could refer me to. He forwarded me to his partner, Mr. Elliott. Mr. Elliott went above and beyond for me time and again, on everything from writing complicated contracts for my company, to helping me recover money owed to me. Mr. Elliott has been 5 stars at communication and trust (two things I have struggled to find in legal representation at times).

With Scanlon and Elliott I had a 5 star experience. They will be my attorneys for as long as they are still practicing law.